2024 Painting Competition Rules and Categories


Friday: Model drop off time


Saturday: Model drop off time


Sunday: Model Pickup and Feedback Critiques


  1. All entries must be modeled and painted by the person entering. The person entering must personally hand in the miniatures by the times posted above. Entries must also be collected from the display case promptly on Sunday before convention closing. Any entries not collected by the end of the show automatically become the property of the convention.
  2. All entrants must have purchased a VIG, Play Pass or Hobby badge to enter a model.
  3. The online competition form must be properly filled out and the entries listed must match what is submitted. WFW 2023 Entry Form: Click here!
  4. Entry feedback from the judges will be emailed to the entrant soon after the competition.
  5. Competitors can only enter categories once; though they may enter as many categories as they choose.
  6. Competitors cannot enter a piece that has previously won a Best in Show award from another competition. Competitors also cannot re-enter a piece from the previous year.
  7. While every care possible will be taken with the entries, the miniatures are entirely at the risk of the competitor. It is recommended that loose models on a plinth or movement tray be secured with putty, magnets, or some other means of attachment. Please notify staff of any models which require special handling during registration.
  8. The convention will not be responsible for any damage or loss that might occur while the miniatures are in their care.
  9. The convention has the right to have the entries photographed, videoed, or otherwise recorded by Warfaire Weekend without further reference or payment to the entrant.
  10. Models cannot be removed from the competition case for use in games during the convention.
  11. Entrants agree to have their entries photographed, videoed, or otherwise recorded by Warfaire Weekend without further reference or payment to the entrant.
  12. The judges’ decisions are final in all cases.


Each entry in the competition will be judged based on its own merit irrespective of the other entries and categories. Judges will look at each piece and award entries a gold, silver, bronze or Certificate of Merit based solely on the quality of the entry. For example, in a category with 20 entries, there may be 2 gold, 5 silver, 7 bronze, and 6 entries with Certificate of Merit. This is known as the Open Awards System.

This system enables participants to judge the progress of their work from year to year without regard to what the other competitors may enter. This will also ensure each entry gets recognized for its effort despite being in a category with an abundance of entries.

The title of Best In Show will be awarded to one entry, the best piece in the competition, selected from the overall winners of each of the five categories.

Criteria for Panel Judges

Each entry will be evaluated on the following 5 criteria.

1. Difficulty

Complexity of the piece and of the techniques used, be they painting, sculpting, design, or composition.

2. Creativity

Use of innovation and implementation of new or unusual concepts, techniques, color schemes, arrangements, and added details. Appropriate use of creative elements are important.

3. Workmanship

Judges will be looking for technical precision in cleaning, preparation, and construction. Thorough removal or resurfacing of flaws in the piece, seamless joints, well-constructed base, or diorama elements, clean and model-appropriate modifications, and precision in original sculpts.

4. Painting Skill

As this is a painting competition, this is very important to all categories. Judges will be evaluating the techniques used, and the overall effect achieved. For example: subtlety in shading, smooth blends, crisp details, etc.

5. Presentation

the overall effect of the piece and use of elements within to create a cohesive display. Judges will be looking for unity of style between elements, use of color to good effect, appropriate use of highlights and shadows, and whether the piece as a whole maintains the "mood" or "tone" throughout.

Not Included in Judging Criteria

Entries represent a vast range of manufacturers, styles, and genres. Judges are not expected to be familiar with the background or subject matter of so many different models. Therefore:


Single Figure: Single figure, 25mm to 40mm scale, on a base no larger than 60mm in diameter, with a total height no more than 75mm. (ex. Solo, warcaster/warlock, single trooper, etc.)

  • Difficulty - 5%
  • Creativity - 10%
  • Workmanship - 10%
  • Painting Skill - 70%
  • Presentation - 5%
  • Unit/Group: Unit, squad, or battlegroup (minimum of 2 figures), 25mm to 40mm scale, on bases no larger than 60mm in diameter for each figure, with a total height no more than 75mm. Figures may be mounted on a single display base or individually based. Please use the minimum standard unit size appropriate to the system. (ex. Trooper unit, warcaster and battlegroup, Guild Ball team, Conquest, Judgement, etc.). It is highly advised that the units are on one (unified) base to prevent loss or separation of the models in the unit.

  • Difficulty - 10%
  • Creativity - 10%
  • Workmanship - 20%
  • Painting Skill -40%
  • Presentation - 20%
  • Ordnance: Vehicle, machine of war, 25 to 40mm scale, on a base no larger than 300mm in diameter, total height no more than 300mm. This category includes vehicles with riders, Warjacks, colossals/gargantuans, battle engines, etc.

  • Difficulty - 15%
  • Creativity - 5%
  • Workmanship - 20%
  • Painting skill - 50%
  • Presentation - 10%
  • Large Scale/Bust: Single foot, monster, or mounted figure, 54mm scale and above, on a base no larger than 300mm in diameter, total height no more than 400mm. -OR- Single bust, 1/12 to 1/6 scale, total height no more than 300mm. Examples: Figures mounted on large animals such as dragons, Sorscha bust, Large Creature Caster models, Guild Ball Angel bust, warbeasts, etc

  • Difficulty - 5%
  • Creativity - 10%
  • Workmanship - 10%
  • Painting Skill - 70%
  • Presentation - 5%
  • Diorama: At least two figures, up to 90mm scale, expressing a clear narrative scene (the piece as a whole must tell a story), mounted on a base no larger than 300mm in diameter, total height no more than 400mm.

  • Difficulty - 5%
  • Creativity - 20%
  • Workmanship - 20%
  • Painting Skill - 25%
  • Presentation - 30%
  • As a note, size restrictions are in regards to the models and their basing elements only and do not include any plinths the entry may be attached to unless the basing scheme extends into said plinth.

    If you have a question about where your model belongs, a judge or hobby moderator can assist you.

    till WarFaire Weekend