Qualifier Information

  1. All Qualifying events must use the most current Steamroller Documents for the event and allow armies to be built as per official Privateer Press instructions within said document.
    1. A Champions or Masters event is fine to run but must be published well in advance (see point 3) so players may know of the format well in advance.
    2. If the tournament packet doesn't have a variant it cannot be played: if Divide and Conquer is not a variant it cannot be used nor any other variant not listed within the packet.
    3. Any variations/type of events besides BASELINE must be posted within your event page and finalized 14 days before the event.
    4. If a new or returning variant makes its way into the steamroller package when the new version comes out it may be used as long as the event information is posted before the 14 day window stated above.
  2. All Qualifying events may not have prequalifiers to get into a Qualifying events unless all the events are played on the same weekend.
    1. Example: Largecon87 may hold a Masters on Friday and a Champions on Saturday and the top 8 from both events can qualify to play in the Invitational Qualifier on Sunday; this is perfectly fine.
    2. Example: Random events held throughout the year cannot be played to "seed" or hold spots for a qualifier later in the year. 15 random local events during the year to "seed" any size event for an Invitational Qualifier event is not allowed.
  3. If you are listed as a Judge or Tournament Organizer you may not play in the event you are running.
  4. You can apply for more than one Invitational Qualifier, each Invitational Qualifier must be a minimum of 90days/3 months apart. Chain Store314 can run a qualifier in March and then another 90 days/3 months from the date in March. Please fill out a different form for each event date.
  5. All Qualifiers must be completed by the weekend of Oct 1, 2022. This will give people plenty of enough time to schedule time off and also travel plans.
  6. Digital/Online Events are not allowed.
  7. Events are not limited to North America, the whole world is allowed to apply for events.

2022 Qualifier Application CLICK HERE

Invitational Information

How does a player qualify for The 2022 Invitational?

Players will attend sanctioned qualifying events and receive points based on their performance. Only the top 8 players will receive points. The amount of points will be determined by the size of tournaments, with an ending bonus based on attendance for tie breakers.

Players will be awarded spots in The 2022 Invitational based on the combined total of their top 3 highest scores they receive from the tournaments they attend. You may play in as many tournaments that you wish but only your top 3 scores will be used.

Players must score points at a minimum of two tournaments to be considered for a position in the Invitational.

All tournaments must be approved by the committee.

The top 26 players with the highest combined total of their 3 highest scores will receive an invite to The Invitational at Warfaire Weekend 2022. 5 spots will be filled from the LCQ. The winner from the previous year will fill in the final 32nd spot. If an individual is not able to make the event that is in the top 26 we will go down the list until we have the top 26 committed to The Invitational, as long as they meet the requirements to earn the top 26 spots. In the event that someone has to drop once the convention starts we will pull additional players from the LCQ.

Points break down are as followed:

16 players or less: The highest amount of points your event could generate is the amount of players in the event.
  • Example: If you have 4 players show up, 1st will receive 4.04, 2nd 3.04, 3rd 2.04, 4th 1.04, 5th .04 etc.
  • 16-22 Players
  • 1st: 16
  • 2nd: 10
  • 3rd and 4th: 8
  • 5th and 6th: 7
  • 7th and 8th: 6

  • 23-46 Players
  • 1st: 20
  • 2nd: 12
  • 3rd and 4th: 11
  • 5th and 6th: 10
  • 7th and 8th: 9

  • 47-68 Players
  • 1st: 24
  • 2nd: 16
  • 3rd and 4th: 14
  • 5th and 6th: 13
  • 7th and 8th: 12

  • 69+
  • 1st: 30
  • 2nd: 20
  • 3rd and 4th: 18
  • 5th and 6th: 17
  • 7th and 8th: 16

  • This Years Qualifiers

    2022 Qualifiers CLICK HERE

    Point totals and Qualified Players

    2022 Qualified Players CLICK HERE

    till WarFaire Weekend